The Partnership’s success comes from deep operational and financial experience coupled with entrepreneurial DNA. In addition to our own capital, we connect The Partnership and our direct investment opportunities with institutional investors, endowments, pension funds and family offices.

Partners focus on collaborative value creation through ownership and managed risk to generate returns alongside the Sponsor or Entrepreneur.  

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Whether you're a serial entrepreneur, your family's legacy, or it's your first company or acquisition, The Partnership welcomes business owners and their desire to build, or build upon, a defendable model. As an entrepreneur, you'll benefit from the leading experts in your industry being an introduction or phone call away, backend and capital support. 


Independent Sponsors

We categorize Sponsors in a myriad of ways at LLEX. You are either a proven industry expert and business leader in your niche and are seeking to step into the role of equity ownership - or - you are a business owner and seeking to grow via acquisition or build a portfolio of holdings. The House seeks to back Sponsors and build the business along side management by offering the necessary support and appropriate capital to each opportunity. The Partnership can be depended upon for relentless focus on viability of the investment and ability to achieve and outperform target returns. You may fall into this category if you have “more ideas than capital.”



As an Originator within the LLEX Partnership you've had prior experience in investment banking, sourcing opportunities for yourself or for a prior client, firm, business or fund. You love originating investment opportunities and have built a reputation and network of excellence. LLEX Partners provides our Originator partners access to the House with the full suite of services and capital connections both with LLEX's internal and external capital connections.



Whether a private equity fund, family office, or individuals seeking alternative investments - private investors join The Partnership as an addition to traditional sourcing efforts. Our Partners see opportunities they wouldn't elsewhere and only within the exclusive environment cultivated by the LLEX team.


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Financial Modeling

Operating Statistics

Sensitivity Analysis

Preparing Budgets

Discounted Cash Flow

Leveraged Buy Outs




Modern templates 

Presentation & Teaser Customization

Valuation Analysis

Trading Comparables

Precedent Transactions




Merger Consequences

Strategic Implications

Dilution Analysis

Breakeven Synergies

Balance Sheet Impacts

Market Analysis

Market Performance Monitoring

Industry & Business Due Diligence

Market Overviews

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Partner to Partner collaboration

Introductions to outside sources of capital


Portfolio Support

Preparing Board Meeting Materials

Evaluating Strategic Alternatives

Portfolio Valuation

Equity research

Updates on News

Updates on Earnings Releases

Industry Research

Wall Street Research Summaries



On Demand

Home Base in NY & London

Office Space

Conference Rooms 


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